Monday Start-Up: Another Move

by Rachel Yeomans | January 21st, 2013   

I’m getting good at this. Oh yes, it’s that time. It is time for another move!

I am very grateful to have been promoted to VP of Marketing for Astek. Alas, the promotion requires me to leave my New York studio and venture back to Chicago. However dear New York friends, I will be coming back once each month to keep up with our East Coast clients and to make sure TheWorkingWardrobe is operating smoothly as the magazine and blog will continue to be based in NYC. In fact, my first trip back is already booked! Oh yes, I mean business.

Now for the matter of the move. Remember when I shimmied three suitcases and a large pink tweed duffel down a snow-covered sidewalk? Well those suitcases got filled and re-filled between Chicago business trips, so my New York apartment has many additional items within it (included the results of many-a sample sale). Therefore, I have to resort to shipping. Luckily, there is Amtrak!

Yes, did you know that Amtrak ships pretty much anywhere across the country for only $50 for up to 100 pounds of items (.$49 per pound after that) as long as each item (they accept boxes and suitcases) doesn’t exceed 50 pounds each or is larger than 6 cubic feet? The best part, they’ll keep the items there until you pick them up (about $90/month)! It is true. So hello items soon to be boxed (the boxes are being delivered as we speak from City Moving Boxes that offer free same-day delivery to New Yorkers)!

Screen Shot 2013 01 21 at 2.11.19 PM Monday Start Up: Another Move

As an FYI, New York’s Penn Station doesn’t allow outgoing shipments. Therefore my wonderful dear friend with a station wagon is driving me and my boxes to the Newark, NJ Amtrak station as they allow shipments. Needless to say, she is getting a very nice dinner out of this.

Back in Chicago, another dear friend is checking out three apartments for me while I’m prepping for the move back. She’s already begun setting up times with all three and hopefully I’ll have a home before you know it! Then I can have all my items in one place instead of in four or five, and you know what? I am quite looking forward to the size of the apartment in Chicago that costs the same as my studio (Spoiler: 2 bedrooms! Waaaah?!)


This is great! And thanks for the heads up on Amtrak. I am still recovering my packages from London - annoying. So I can completely relate. Welcome back to Chicago. I'll be reaching out to you soon. (Spoiler: are you open to guest speaking with Dress for Success?)

theworkwardrobe moderator

 @theshazzareport Oh gosh I can't imagine shipping from London - bravo for getting through that one! Thanks so much for the welcome - I look forward to hearing from you! Hilarious spoiler repartee we have going on, eh? :) Sure I'd be open to that! Let's chat!