Monday Start-Up

by Rachel Yeomans | November 1st, 2010   

Top of the morning to you! Usually come Monday mornings as I’m heading out to the offices at 6am and looking up at the setting moon, I often ponder on the upcoming day, the task list for the week, and how in the heck my coffee mug is already half empty and I haven’t even started my commute yet. During these times I feel one needs a little jump start to set the right tone for the day (and week).

With that being said, I bring to you a bit of quirk, a bit of fun fact, and a bit of plain old fun from one of my favorite publications.

WWDComic 300x125 Monday Start UpHere is the kick-off to the Women’s Wear Daily parody of women’s workwear during World War II.

With men away during World War II, more and more women were entering the workforce. WWD covered all aspects of this new market, from Mainbocher’s designs for the women of the U.S. Naval Reserve to the “most serviceable fabrics” for workwear. On the more entertaining side was a Sept. 3, 1942 story that parodied the worst types of female employees, called “DANGER! No ‘Help Wanted’ From —.”

Click HERE to read about what the WWD said back in 1942 on the attire of Glittering Gertie, Sweater Sue, Baggy Betty, and others.

Happy Monday!