Monday Start-Up: Working Through the Winter Workweek

by Rachel Yeomans | January 17th, 2011   

It is now mid-January, and after seeing the weather forecast for the week (a whopping high of 7 degrees!) and debating which pair of wool socks I should wear over my hosiery, I figure it would be a good opportunity to send out a heartfelt feeling of empathy to my fellow workers. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, we’re tired. Yes, it’s not even 9am and we already drained three mugs of coffee and debating on a latte.

keep warm in cold office Monday Start Up: Working Through the Winter Workweek

We may have a few more months of this frigid weather, but at least we know we’re not alone in trudging through it. We can make it through this winter (just like we made it through the last one), and we can do so in style! So my dear colleagues, on this Monday morning, let’s toast to one another with our coffee mugs, flip on that space heater, and declare that the fuzzy scarf is an accessory to substitute the necklace. Here’s to a heated week!