Monday Start-Up: Who You Surround Yourself With Makes a Difference

by Rachel Yeomans | December 19th, 2011   

There have been blog series, there have been Facebook posts, tweets, and even a podcast. The build-up for Thread Lounge & TheWorkingWardrobe Presents: Having Fun with Your Work Wear has left us buzzing! What really has me biting my nails in excitement, however, is working with the people I have met throughout this ramp-up. I have very rarely worked with such on-task and enthusiastic individuals – also very inspiring individuals.

This past Saturday, I interviewed Thread Lounge owner, Colleen Schmidt, for my SpeakingOfFashion podcast along with Ryan M. Beshel of TheBowTieMemoirs and Kate Jacobsen of AllSaints (and is my amazing PR Manager and Contributing Writer). We all were just so inspired by Colleen not just by her story, but about her personality.

colleen1 Monday Start Up: Who You Surround Yourself With Makes a Difference

Have you ever had one of those work meetings where you were – in a word – demeaned? One of my greatest pet peeves is when someone talks down to me without giving me a chance of proving myself much less my point. It shakes my confidence and usually has me leaving frustrated that I wasn’t “on my game” and let this person “beat me”. These individuals are in every industry; and meeting someone like Colleen Schmidt and her amazing team at Thread Lounge remind us that the business world is not made up by stereotypes and domineering personalities.

This also was perfect timing for me because – as many of you know – I am publishing a magazine. Yes, it’s exciting – however there have been many-a Skype call with my publisher reminding me that breathing is necessary. In fact, she told me more than once to just stop for an hour, take a hot bath, have a glass of wine, or take a walk, and then I’m allowed to come back to my to-do list. Meeting others who are as wonderful as my dear amazing publisher Tenisha Anderson of Qlix Magazine, just helps me keep taking every step forward and not giving up (even if a few stress-tears need to be shed).

Thank You Monday Start Up: Who You Surround Yourself With Makes a Difference

I have actually turned down clients in the past because I knew that our personalities clashed to such a great degree, that neither of us would be happy with the results of the work. Granted, this doesn’t happen often. However every time I’ve made that decision, I almost feel that both parties breathe a sigh of relief and we both walk away not regretting a single moment. At least that’s how I feel, and in the end, that’s what matters for me and my business.

What also matters, is that by surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and who you connect with on a personal level – they boost your own confidence and outlook (again, thank you Tenisha) – and in the end, they boost your business. You hear from many people that a great business is made not by great people, but great teams. That couldn’t be more true. I have been truly inspired these past few weeks from this business amongst the boutiques and restaurants in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, along with my own amazing team of publisher, writers, illustrators and photographers for proving to me that this magazine is actually happening. Cheers to you all – and thank you!