Monday Start-Up: What’s Your Schedule?

by Rachel Yeomans | July 11th, 2011   

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you, but those short work-weeks usually leave me a bit discombobulated. After a relaxing weekend, now it’s back to the full-week grind. I feel inspired by the weekend, and ready to conquer all my to-do list pen scratches with force and vigor! My process? Here we go!

  • Wake up
  • Open shades
  • Turn on some classical music
  • Brew coffee for some delicious iced coffee
  • Read my RSS feeds on my iPad through my favorite app, Early Edition (it is set up just like a newspaper sending my journalism-loving heart all a-flutter)

Picture 41 Monday Start Up: Whats Your Schedule?

  • Shower/change
  • Pour that second iced coffee, sit behind that computer, and get cracking on those emails
  • Check my to-do list on Evernote and get cracking on some awesome productivity!

(NOTE: I am sort of a clean freak, so in order to make sure my times between working from home and running to meetings and events, I always feel comfortable working in a clean environment. So every Monday and Friday at 4pm, I take one hour and clean. It’s amazing how much cleaner my apartment is – not to mention how much cleaner my state of mind is!)

So that’s my Monday start-up schedule. What’s yours? Let’s be uber-productive together!