Monday Start-Up: TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan!

by Rachel Yeomans | October 24th, 2011   
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For those of you who listened to our SpeakingOfFashion podcast yesterday, I have some big news for TheWorkingWardrobe. We’re heading to New York!!! We have some really exciting developments coming in January, including growing our business relationships in the New York area. That doesn’t mean we’re going to be ignoring Chicago. In fact, I’m putting my faith and trust into several fantastic Chicagoans to report on the Windy City goings-on while I’m off in the Concrete Jungle.

Picture 41 Monday Start Up: TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan!

Yes this Manhattan move is primarily business-related. However after years of going back and forth between New York and Chicago, I have always wanted to take that leap and actually reside in New York for at least a little while. So…why not now, right?! I have lived in Chicago for almost eight years. I love this city, and I’m going to be really sad leaving it behind for a short while. However, I’m incredibly excited (and terrified) of this leap that I am taking to not only take TheWorkingWardrobe to the next level, but to fulfill a life-long personal dream.

With that being said, let this Monday start-up be an inspirational and exciting one! Cheers!