Monday Start-Up: The “Quick” Read

by Rachel Yeomans | February 20th, 2012   

We are individuals of information. We also are busy. So do you watch the news while getting ready for work? Do you have NPR on during your commute? Or do you miss your favorite shows due to your schedule and catch up via podcast? Or do you check the goings-on through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?

LinkedIn News Monday Start Up: The Quick ReadI have been saying for years that I have a goal of reading the newspaper every day. I’m a consummate Sunday newspaper reader – in fact it’s one of my highlights every week. I feel informed, inspired, and that I’m finally caught up and I feel a bit ahead of the game of knowing what’s going on in the world, in the country, and within the areas of focus that I’m interested in (Fashion & Style and the Book Reviews please!). This goal, as I’m sure you’ve figured by now, is still in the works.

But, today I turned a new leaf. I read the paper this morning! I have the luxury of working from home three days out of the week, so why can’t I spend the first hour of the workday with a cup of tea, curled up in my easy chair, and read the paper? It took me almost exactly 45 minutes to one hour. I didn’t lose much work time, and in fact, it led to some great story ideas and articles to send to clients. One of these articles hailed the written word – in long form! Check out the social site, Cowdbird. I would describe it as a crowd-sourced short story site with pretty pictures. There is some audio and video, but most importantly, it has paragraphs! Another of my favorite sites to peruse and actually read is Brain Pickings – seriously it’s amazing. Bookmark it now.

cowbird Monday Start Up: The Quick ReadMy first lesson in blogging came from my previous blog editor, “Write short!”. The journalist in me scoffed. What?! No adjectives? No themes? And…no sources?! Due to the reader that usually reads blogs, they do want to scan through information in short form. I’ve gotten to feed into my writer bug with my Editor’s Letters (one of which I did give homage to the Journal inspired by another newspaper article I read), but most of the other pieces that you read within TheWorkingWardrobe are usually light in content and heavy in images. I have succumbed to the platform, but then again that is why I launched a magazine (and yes, there are a plethora of adjectives, sources and themes within it).

For me, I feel more fulfilled in some way after reading something longer. Perhaps I am a product of the generation of readers who are used to the daily quick read and we save the longer reads for evenings and weekends. I do love getting my news from Twitter, but I got so much more from this morning’s paper. And of course, I tweeted about it.