Monday Start-Up: Spice Up the Monday Work Meeting

by Rachel Yeomans | April 25th, 2011   

Besides being the day to start out the work week, Monday is also the day many offices host a weekly work meeting. Usually said meetings are to deliver news, state goals, and are rarely loooked forward to by employees (and employers for that matter). For this coming work week, here are some ideas to spice up your Monday work meeting!

  • Bring in Treats (and don’t forget the coffee!): Monday mornings are notorious for the statement: “Don’t talk to me, I haven’t had my coffee yet.” Beat the phrase to the punch by bringing in coffee and tea for the rest of the staff. And if you feel that sustenance will also help get the staff in motion, some bagels and pastries wouldn’t hurt either.

Coffee Monday Start Up: Spice Up the Monday Work Meeting

  • Switch up the Location: If you are behind the organization of the weekly staff meeting, why not try meeting at someplace new for a change? If you meet in the mornings, why not rendezvous at a local coffee shop? Or in the afternoon, a Monday happy hour or local restaurant? Who says that office meetings always have to be in the office?
  • Pick a Theme: Yes it seems a bit cheesy, but themes are easy for people to wrap their heads around (remember, it is Monday), plus it’s a good way to get everyone’s input on a common topic.
  • Start with the Good Stuff: In my opinion, gratitude is one of the leading causes towards motivation. Start out your meetings by voicing gratitude towards the group’s performance and always point out the positive. You can get towards critiques as well, but always start and conclude with the positive.