Monday Start-Up: Silver Lining to Summer Feet

by Rachel Yeomans | April 11th, 2011   

Although I know it can’t last, yesterday showcased the first of the 2011 heat wave here in Chicago-land. It reached to 80 degrees with gorgeous sunshine and a cool breeze. Again, as a Midwesterner, I know it’s short-lived. But the hint of warm weather to come gave me a sense of rebellion to the frigid temperatures. So I decided against a certain part of my regular wardrobe: Boots. And along with boots, I bid thee be gone dear socks and hosiery! I am going sock-less!

Now we insert the dilemma – wearing pumps and flats without the protection against sweat, odor and blisters. Well to battle against this dilemma, we insert here…a piece of silver lining. Two in fact.

CIMG0214 300x225 Monday Start Up: Silver Lining to Summer Feet

Above we see my pair of black flats, which I wore the other day to the office. As you can see placed into the soles of the shoes are inserts sent to me by Silver Linings New York. I admit, after years of using baby powder and dryer sheets, this was definitely a step up! After an entire day’s worth of wear, no sweat, no smell, and it actually added a bit of cushion to bustling step! I suppose it’s time my footwear regimen graduated to the executive level. And considering that these inserts were able to fit comfortably into three different pairs of shoes, I’ll take this as a graduation of the most economical sense.

Picture 47 300x233 Monday Start Up: Silver Lining to Summer Feet

What I love most (apart from the technology and fabulous packaging behind these fabulous footwear accessories), is that the brains behind the brand, Jennifer Chu, is from a woman who shares the foot pain with all of us working women. It’s always refreshing testing out items made by someone who created them based on his or her own experience.



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