Monday Start-Up: Putting Your Own Twist on a Difficult Task to Make it Your Own and Make it Great

by Rachel Yeomans | December 12th, 2011   

My hometown in Green Lake, Wisconsin hosts an amazing theatre company, Thrasher Opera House, a fantastic historical landmark and cultural presence in the area. Every time I visit I make sure to stop by and see there current jazz show or musical performance. I used to intern there as well back in my college summer days, so I also love touching base with the incredible staff and attendees. They recently posted this video on their YouTube channel, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you!

To add my “work spin” to the video, this adorable take on the art of synchronized swimming can remind all of us that when we are asked to do something that we fear we may be completely inappropriate for or that may be out of our skill set – well why not take it from a different angle? I recently returned from a conference during which I was asked to present a topic that I didn’t feel I had any expertise in. I was terrified – especially because I was presenting with someone who is incredibly well-known in the industry.

Luckily due to hours of research and making sure I knew and was confident about everything I was talking about, I received tremendous feedback from the audience. Some even said that it was the best presentation they saw at the conference. Why the great feedback? Because I put my own twist on it that made me feel more confident about the topic! However I admit the real reason I was so relieved – my co-presenter admitted to me that he was terrified about the presentation as well because the subject was completely out of his comfort zone. Eureka, I wasn’t alone! We exchanged business cards as it was incredibly fun presenting with him; and we made plans to speak with one another again, but this time on a topic of our choosing.

So I may not have performed synchronized swimming, but I gave my own edge to a task that I knew I couldn’t completely grasp without it. And it worked out. So maybe next time you’re asked to complete something you may not be comfortable with, think of ways to put your own twist on it. It may be nerve-wracking, but in the end totally worth it.