Monday Start-Up: My Spotify Playlist

by Rachel Yeomans | July 18th, 2011   
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Some of you may have jumped on the Spotify bandwagon last week, and I was right there with you! Spotify, the hit British digital music service, has finally come overseas! Through, you could receive an invitation to test out the waters of Spotify. You download the app to your computer, and you can listen to your entire iTunes library, synch your iPhone or Android, and also stream songs by title, genre, artist, etc. Oh, and of course there’s a fabulous social setting, where you can listen to what your friends have saved through their playlists! And did I mention it’s free?

Picture 82 Monday Start Up: My Spotify Playlist

Yes, I’m officially obsessed. I listen to music pretty regularly when getting ready for work, when working, and then I switch over to podcasts as the mood strikes me. Spotify gives me all this and more! Thank you, dear UK, for letting us in on this musical gem!