Monday Start-Up: My Ode to Paris

by Rachel Yeomans | February 13th, 2012   

“One thing about Rachel, is that she’s completely Parisian!” So said my editor during a meeting with my Editorial Consultant, Tenisha Anderson of Qlix Magazine and Ten Style Media, Inc., while discussing the design of my  launch party invitation for TheWorkingWardrobe.Print. I was taken aback but then again, my home decor does give a very solid nod to the land of rouge and joie de vie, and one of my favorite books is Hotel Pastis, and I do have a goal of continuing my French lessons; oh, and one of my favorite movies is Midnight in Paris.

My launch invitations may convey a not toward le Français, but my home decor is packed in storage so my personal tap into one of my favorite cities seems very far away. So when I read the following from The Corner about Purple Magazine, I just had to share it!

Fashion bible PURPLE MAGAZINE has recreated one of the most famous corners in art history. Taking direct inspiration from artists Irving Penn and Marcel Duchamp, Olivier Zahm and a team of PURPLE’s top contributors have styled some of the French capital’s most flamboyant characters and upcoming talents in a distinctive selection of’s Spring/Summer 2012 collections.

Below we have some gorgeous images featuring Catherine Baba and Maria Luisa Poumaillou. Call it a bit of nostalgia on my end, or call it, magnifique!

CATHERINE BABA Monday Start Up: My Ode to Paris

MARIA LUISA POUMAILLOU Monday Start Up: My Ode to Paris