Monday Start-Up: Lessons Learned from Air Travel

by Rachel Yeomans | April 23rd, 2012   

As some of you may know via my Twitter stream, I flew to Chicago for work last Monday and am checked in with bags packed to head back to New York this morning. It has been a whirlwind of a trip as most work trips are, but mostly what I wanted to share with everyone is a lesson that I learned from air travel during my flight last week.

For some background, I am quite an organized person. Granted some may call it organized chaos (pay no attention to the number of sticky note apps on my MacBook). However for the most part, I am early to meetings, my calendar is updated, my to-do list in constant rotation and most of my ducks are in a row. I was in a very organized place last Monday during the first leg of my flight back to Chicago. I was reading my book on my iPad’s Kindle app, and at one point put my iPad in the back pocket of the seat in front of me, and left it upon leaving the airplane!

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I have never done anything like this before – especially involving my beloved iPad. This is a situation in which I was grateful for a flight connection, because I realized my travesty during the second flight versus driving away from the airport with only an 800-number as a means to get it back. When I landed in Chicago, the attendant at the gate told me to bee-line for James in the baggage claims area to see if he can contact the crew from my previous flight. I did just that.

Dear readers, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about James who works at Midway Airport’s baggage claims area for Air Tran. He called probably 20 numbers for me; and he found my iPad! Yes, I’m sending him a big bottle of vodka upon my return to New York.

What’s even more impressive is the next day, Air Tran’s manager of baggage services from the Jacksonville Airport called me to get my information to FedEx me my iPad. And he shared with me a secret – if the item your are shipping costs over $100, make sure you claim it because if it gets lost in the mail, they will only reimburse you $100. I promptly claimed more just in case.

Luckily, I received my iPad in a beautiful FedEx box two days later, and it is sitting next to me now as I wrap up my to-do list before leaving for the airport. My lesson: Always make sure your technological devices are with you at all times and not in any seat-front pocket in your immediate vicinity, especially with air travel. Because James may not be available another time in baggage services.


You didn't tell me this when I lost my iPhone Saturday, hahaha! I could've used the extra consoling;) So glad I got to see you!

theworkwardrobe moderator

 @designdiction Well I didn't want to give you hope that it'd turn up like my iPad. But your story DEFINITELY reinforced this one! :) So wonderful we saw one another as well! Miss you already ma'dear!