Monday Start-Up: Hurricane Sandy and Prepping for Forced Vacation

by Rachel Yeomans | October 29th, 2012   
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For those of us on the East Coast, we are prepping the sandbags for flooding, buying out bottled water and bread and peanut butter and anxiously following the hashtag #Frankenstorm. I am writing this post in advance because I fear my WiFi may not be operational tomorrow. According to reports, Hurricane Sandy may be the worst storm to hit the United States in recent history. The message is clear – stay safe, and stay indoors.

Hurricane Sandy Monday Start Up: Hurricane Sandy and Prepping for Forced Vacation

The other message is this: Your daily routine may not be operational for the next few days. It is Sunday evening at 6:30pm as I write this post, scheduled for publication tomorrow morning. The Manhattan Transit Authority is shutting down in a mere 30 minutes. We were also warned that power may be unavailable for days (yes, days plural).

As I sit in my Harlem apartment charging all of my electronic devices, I’m also scrambling to get as much work done as possible in case I’m forced into holiday while Sandy takes her toll on East Coast. Usually when one isn’t working, it’s by choice. It could be a vacation or you’re in a non-Internet-enabled airplane or you’re so sick that the computer screen makes you nauseous. But the potential of no Internet, no power and no way to get around outside of your home – well that is almost more scary than the hurricane itself.

So dear East Coasters, scramble now and answer those emails, set your clients’ and company’s expectations on your availability, and make sure you have extra batteries for that flashlight. Or better yet, light some candles, listen to your fully-charged iPod and read a book. You know that vacation you keep forgetting to take? Well, this can be considered a form of one. Let’s just hope the subway doesn’t flood to impact next week’s schedule.

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