Monday Start-Up: Games of Yesterday Fashioned for Today

by Rachel Yeomans | August 29th, 2011   

Every once in a while, I’m being taken back to the “olden days”. When I was little, my parents would allow me to play at their office while they worked. My favorite project was to write a novel on their office typewriter. No, I never did complete that novel – it was a bit ambitious for being seven years old. But I still have very fond memories of that typewriter. I’m a subscriber to, and absolutely love seeing the creativity in the items available for sale through the site. This past weekend featured restored typewriters. Imagine my excitement. Now all of a sudden my Macbook seems a little less…cool.

Picture 116 Monday Start Up: Games of Yesterday Fashioned for Today

My all-time favorite Atari video game growing up was Tetris. I could sit and play that game for hours. Well apparently the employees at London’s Because Magazine were the same! The magazine’s site features an Alexander McQueen game of Tetris! Now there’s an ingenious way to take our loves when we were children and bringing them together with our loves of today.

What are some of your memories from childhood involving games and inventions? Have you seen them come forward with a new twist today?