Monday Start-Up: Feeling Like a College Student

by Rachel Yeomans | June 4th, 2012   

Almost all of us have been there. People move on, people change jobs…and sometimes those people aren’t us. In fact, they’re on your very own team. As much as we want to stomp our feet and huff away when one of our team members moves on to other things, we rise above and focus on the silver lining of the situation (at least that’s our internal pep talk).

Yes, you have assumed correctly that one of my teammates has left to move on to bigger and better things. I need to be completely clear in that he is amazing at his job, and this opportunity is 100% perfect for him! And while I’m looking for other people to attempt to fill his shoes (and he has given me several leads as well), I have rolled up my sleeves and have taken on his role along with my own and declared it a fantastic learning opportunity before I fill his position.

Needless to say, I am once again a college student.

Woman Working Late Monday Start Up: Feeling Like a College Student

What I mean by that is this – when you fill in for another person’s full-time job while maintaining your own, you find yourself working all hours including weekends. You get the job done, but that may mean coffee is brewed at 7pm in the evening.

This is a temporary situation, and it is indeed quite difficult to maintain. However for a generation that is stereotyped for getting the easy way out and not truly working for where we want or aspire to be, I can proudly say that there are those of us who are indeed working it! Stereotypically speaking, many of us are very hard workers and have been thrust into high-powered roles at a young age. But does that mean we really know what we’re managing? The reason I left my previous job was because of just that. So when situations like the one that I’m currently in come up, I’m able to step up to the plate, roll up my sleeves and fill in as needed. And that’s only because I forced myself to learn it.

And you know what – I’m taking the same advice my father gave me when I actually was in college! Do you remember when you had four to five classes, electives and were part of the school newspaper or another volunteer organization? How did we ever balance all of it?! I will never forget my father giving me the best advice I ever took from college – juggle! When you are working on one subject matter and you have hours in front of you, stop halfway through and switch to another subject. That way you don’t burn out, and you get everything you need done! Now that’s a formula for ROI if I’ve ever heard one!

For all of us who find ourselves pinch-hitting and wearing multiple hats, let us brew that additional cup of coffee not just for our resumes, but also for our sense of well-rounded professional selves. Cheers to being our own version of the college student!


Agreed, Rachel! Sometimes when I take a step back and look at everything I put on my plate each semester, I wonder how I can get it all done with my sanity intact! Thankfully, I do (most of the time, anyway), and it always teaches me about myself, my abilities, my passions, and my stamina and drive. Good luck to you! :) 

Britt Neff
Britt Neff

Um, I work with college students... Coffee is definately in order!

theworkwardrobe moderator

 @annedreshfield Aww Anne you just brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much for the kind words and good luck to both of us! Now...time to brew that coffee... ;)