Monday Start-Up: Dressing Up Your Technology

by Rachel Yeomans | June 20th, 2011   

Normally I carry my Macbook to work, to meetings, and to a close-by coffee shop by zipping it up in my eco-friendly laptop sleeve and placing it in my oversized purse along with my wallet, business card holder, charger, phone, and all the other zillion items that call my purse their home. I never really thought about ‘dressing up’ the way I carry my laptop. Well, that was before I discovered Capulet.

Picture 3 Monday Start Up: Dressing Up Your Technology

Capulet is a company out of London that offers us working women (and our electronic equipment) a bit of panache. You can select from sleeves and cases for your iPad 1 or 2, your Kindle, your 10″ or 13″ laptop, or your Galaxy tab.

CIMG0217 1024x768 Monday Start Up: Dressing Up Your Technology

I opted for a 13″ purple leather laptop sleeve. Don’t worry my dear eco-friendly sleeve – it was just a sample so I haven’t abandoned you. However once I received the package I admit I was tempted. The gorgeous orange packaging was enough to I think even get my laptop excited for its outfit change!

CIMG0221 1024x768 Monday Start Up: Dressing Up Your Technology

The above laptop case is the Claudia 13″ laptop case. Purple is my favorite color, so I was really excited to take this out on the town (or at least to the office meeting)! My laptop fit perfectly and the inside lining is a beautiful cream suede to offset the purple. The description on the product page describes the case as “Foxy and vivacious”. Well, Capulet, I couldn’t have described it better myself!Unfortunately the sleeve was so foxy, my purse was starting to become a bit overshadowed… .

At a price point of $395 for this sleeve and not straying very far from that for others, this is definitely a luxury item. But one luxury item I think is definitely worth investing in. So excuse me while I start stocking up on my pennies.


Check out Capulet - Exclusive Styling for Technology to see what your technology could dress up as!

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theworkwardrobe moderator

Oh my gosh that Kate Spade sleeve is so adorable!!! Anne I'm right there with you - if only pennies fell from the sky right? :p Thanks for the comment!


Okay, I'm drooling. I'm always on the hunt for cute ways to haul a laptop to work. At the moment, I've got the Kate Spade laptop sleeve (,default,pd.html) and I'm constantly on the hunt for an adorable bag that can hold all of my stuff. I've been coveting the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier bag for a long time, too. So many things I'd love, so little money... ;)