Monday Start-Up: Different Paths Toward the Same Goal

by Rachel Yeomans | June 11th, 2012   

Two of my favorite classic movies happen to be about the working woman – Working Girl and Baby Boom. I realized recently that both movies convey the same message in different ways. One movie shows that if you work hard enough and take risks, you can find yourself with an office of your own. The other shows that if you go with your gut and take risks to create your own path, you may be happier than you could have thought possible both personally and professionally.

Both messages convey hope and optimism and a “go get ‘em” attitude” – they also show that you can find happiness in different ways. No matter what our paths may be, these classic stories remind us that we can’t follow anyone else’s path but our own. And no matter where these paths may lead us, we will be all the better for it, primarily because the paths are our own. So dear colleagues, walk on!


Love this, Rachel. Sometimes we need a plot in a movie, book, or television show to remind us of the paths we're on and why. 


Also: Harrison Ford. Mmm. :)