Monday Start-Up: Accomplishing Out of the Box Thinking at Work

by Rachel Yeomans | September 24th, 2012   

We are challenged day in and day out to be different, to set ourselves apart, to show that we are special. I have to say, that’s a lot of pressure! Because where do you differentiate between safe and creative? Creative and out of the box? Out of the box and pure fantasy? Many of us are confined to “safe” in our daily lives and careers. Even companies who say they want out of the box – after the approval process and political structure, they usually end up back at safe. Safe is just easier.

Last week I received an email from Emma, an email service provider. The email stated that email marketing is just like fashion. Pause for reaction. Is that doubt I’m sensing? You aren’t alone in that first reaction, which is exactly why I clicked on it while leaving all the other emails promising “10 ways to boost your online presence” sitting in my Inbox gathering cyber dust.

Email Marketing Like Fashion Monday Start Up: Accomplishing Out of the Box Thinking at Work

The campaign leads to you to a sort of online magazine walking you through the basics of email marketing but as they relate to fashion and style. I read the entire thing. And you know what? I even learned a few things!

Email and Fashion Monday Start Up: Accomplishing Out of the Box Thinking at Work

Email Marketing Accessories Monday Start Up: Accomplishing Out of the Box Thinking at Work

I bring this up because it is a fantastic example of the ideal type of out of the box thinking. And it worked. I never would have clicked on an email that promised to walk me through the basics of email marketing. But an email that swears to me that email marketing is like fashion? I say, prove it. Click!

When challenged to think creatively, a natural instinct is to copy what overs have done that proved successful (insert Old Spice and Groupon here). But what about something as simple as equating one thing with another – things that don’t seem like they should belong together? And as you can see above, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

What is your favorite out of the box idea you’ve had or seen for businesses. Share it in the comments! Let’s inspire one another to show how truly unique we are.