Monday Start-Up: Accepting the Vacation

by Rachel Yeomans | May 14th, 2012   
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I did something that I haven’t done in a very long time. I took vacation time. But it wasn’t because I was going anywhere. I was actually staying home! My parents decided to take a brief holiday and visit me in New York City and celebrate my birthday with me. I spent all of last weekend glued to my computer in order to make sure that I would be able to turn off my computer come Wednesday night as close to stress-free as possible.

With only a few emails and to-do’s to get to in the mornings (most of the time before my parents woke up so as not to disturb our “coffee talk time”), the entirety of Wednesday through Sunday was spent almost 100% being on vacation with my mom and dad. And it was wonderful! It was such a treat being almost completely work-free, and I was able to enjoy every bit of time with my family without wondering what emails were waiting for me in my Inbox.

We always say that we have to incorporate vacation time into our lives on a regular basis. Not many of us follow that belief even though we know we should. There’s always so much to do, and the thought of vacation prep and the extra work of catching up are sometimes just not worth it. Wrong – it is worth it! And after coming back from four amazing days of pure enjoyment, staying up late, sleeping in, and spending true quality time with people that I love made me realize that this act of “taking a vacation” needs to acted upon more often.

So from a recent convert, I declare dear Readers, please take some time off for yourselves. Even if it means you have to work the entire previous weekend, I promise it’s worth it.

IMAG0140 613x1024 Monday Start Up: Accepting the Vacation

My dad and me on the Ellis Island Ferry

IMAG0238 613x1024 Monday Start Up: Accepting the Vacation

My mom and me in line at the TKTS booth

IMAG0285 1024x613 Monday Start Up: Accepting the Vacation

Me and my cousins during my birthday dinner