Monday Start-Up: A Thank You Note

by Rachel Yeomans | June 25th, 2012   

I shared a few Instagram photos a few weeks ago during a photo shoot for Crain’s New York Business. The time has come, and the article has been published! The print version is on its way this week; until then you can click here to read the online article! And here’s a photo from the shoot:

Crains New York Monday Start Up: A Thank You Note

I am extremely flattered and honored to be included in this prestigious publication. I also want to expound on a statement in the article. It reads, “The site’s most recent addition is an annual print magazine, which was funded via Kickstarter and a contribution from Mr. Swindler.” By no fault of the writer, I want to make sure that each and every person who contributed to TheWorkingWardrobe.Print Magazine and the relaunch of my website is called out and thanked.

So without further adieu, I would like to thank the following (yes, this is my version of winning an Oscar):

Ryan M. Beshel; Melda Uzun; Alice Nin; Soo Jin Clark; Benedict Wong; Karen Donahue; Jane Meilahn; Abby Yeomans; Mark Duffy; James & Lauren Swindler; Andy Swindler; Sami Ari; Beth Wolf; Monica Barnett; Maria Dietrich; Virginia Haley; Kristen Pettis; Christina Georgi; Adam & Nicky Yeomans; Renita Manley; Tessa Auza; Heather S. Sutherland; Tim McDonald; Kirk Smith; Wendy Widom; Anne Lentino; Sara Gorsky; Kelly Lux; Felicia Mariana; Roy Yeomans & Geneva Butler; Alexis Booth & Geoff Mlinarcik; Jennifer Cusack; Steven & Brigid Yeomans; Bill Barranco; Martha Cournoyer, Margy Sweeney and to all the others who chose to remain anonymous in this posting. I also want to thank TheWorkingWardrobe staff and team.

Each of these individuals are listed as well in TheWorkingWardrobe About page.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.