Monday Start-Up: A Day in the (Working) Life as Told Through Instagram

by Rachel Yeomans | May 7th, 2012   

TheWorkingWardrobe Goes to Work through the Eyes of Instagram

As part of TheWorkingWardrobe.Digital #2, you will be able to see the work-lives of TWW staff through the lens of Instagram! As a teaser, follow the work week of our one of our TWW Contributors and PR Manager, Kate Jacobsen, through this special Storify account (and see how busy this girl is!).

Storified by TheWorkingWardrobe · Sun, May 06 2012 17:09:07

View from the top…well almost #twwdigital.2kjacobsen24
Monday – I begin my work day every weekday at Agency Galatea in Downtown Chicago. This is the view from my desk. Thankfully it was sunny that day. 
We book cover girls @agencygalatea #twwdigital.2kjacobsen24
Tuesday – Part of my day is spent assisting in booking magazine covers for the bevy of beauties we represent at the modeling agency. 
Navy Pier after work on a sunny day?! Ok!! #twwdigital.2kjacobsen24
Wednesday – After work meetings at Navy Pier. While waiting for a very late 2:00 p.m., I could’ve picked up another job as a photographer for tourists. 
M&M’s and black coffee are what happen when I forget my wallet at home #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
Coffee and M & M”s are an essential start to any work day. I’m on a diet. 
Working on work after work at home #twwdigital2 #hustler #typicalkjacobsen24
I am always working after hours on freelance projects…it never stops and probably never will.  
From day…#twwdigital2kjacobsen24
Day-time office attire transformed for after-work events by replacing the cowboy boots with heels and the cardigan with a black leather jacket. 
Starting off my Thursday night with cocktails & supporting a good cause #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
I am still dreaming about this after-work grapefruit cocktail from 25 Degrees in Chicago that I “sipped” on during a charity event benefitting breast cancer victims. 
Loving Nick’s after-party GQ look #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
The dapper Nick Pinto sporting a bow-tie and contrasting button-down shirt for a Gucci event he attended at the 900 North Michigan Shops. 
After after work fashion shows @undergroundchi for #styleseries #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
I attended an after, after work fashion show at popular Chicago nightlife spot, The Underground. Local celebs walked in the show wearing clothes by local designers. I am still confused about why I wasn’t sitting front row??
The corner of doom. #dailycommute #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
Clark & Wrightwood = the bane of my existence during my daily commute. Yes, the bus stop is on the other side of the street and yes, the light stays red FOREVER. Did I mention that I have horrible timing?? 
Best. Coffee. Ever. Only way to start my mornings #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
I obviously can’t function without coffee. Einstein’s Vanilla Hazelnut is definitely in m top three! 
Yes there is a place called @proteinbar and yes it’s delicious and yes you will always find me there after work #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
We do eat protein bars in Chicago but there is also a restaurant called Protein Bar!! This happens to be my FAVORITE spot for a healthy and quick lunch. I go there more than I would like to admit.  
Can’t wait to cover the Walk at SAIC for @theworkwardrobe next week. Swarovski windows sneak peek on mich ave #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
I get easily distracted especially when walking past Swarovski on Michigan Avenue during my commute to AllSaints, which is my other job. 
Michigan Avenue mayhem, tulips and another work commute #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
Though you can’t see it, AllSaints Spitalfields is to my left where I work as a part-time sales associate. I would have more pictures documenting my experiences there; however, I lost my phone and all-access to some of my photos currently living in my Instagram account. Lesson learned the hard way. 
Fashion faux pas at Clark and Division. Knee high socks and Sperry’s are a fashion no no #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
Be careful because you never know who is capturing your fashion faux pas via social media and sharing it with the digital world like I am doing here. Loafers, shorts and knee-high socks? I’m pretty sure that has never been considered fashionable. 
Yep work got serious this morning at AllSaints #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
No, I am not rehearsing for a role on the next Ghostbuster’s movie. I had an early morning shift on a Saturday at AllSaints. Had to vacuum the entire store to get ready for major corporate visits.  
Starting the day off right with @michellepavlack #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
To end my work week…Sunday Funday Brunch at Pump Room with an amazing group of people including my good friend pictured here, Michelle Pavlack. 
Dose Market #twwdigital2kjacobsen24
Sunday – Last stop of the day was at Dose Market. Dose is a monthly market featuring the finest selection of Chicago’s most dynamic vendors in the modern, lofted halls of the River East Art Center.