Kyle Taylor’s “The Fit” Sizes Up In Style

by Rachel Yeomans | October 2nd, 2009   

How about that office party? You’re able to go a bit more casual and bring a little bit more of your personality out in your choice of clothing because you don’t really need to impress anyone that you work with. Dressing in the office is used to present a better image towards the clientele than for each other. Now this might be a completely different story if you want to wear some crazy top, and you are looking for a promotion and a boss that you never get to see is there. You need to take into account who’s going to be looking and watching at all times.

So says Kyle Taylor of and author of The Fit, a 231-page style guide for both men and women of every shape and size.

theCover1 Kyle Taylors The Fit Sizes Up In Style

The above print is an excerpt from Taylor’s chapter entitled “Dressing for the Occasion”. In this chapter, Taylor guides the reader through what to wear to the job interview, a dinner party, a night out, a boat party, a night of clubbing, and as stated above, an office party. Through each scenario, Kyle provided an overview of attire for each occasion to ensure the reader to successfully present the perfect image within his or style.

At the end of the book, perhaps each of us will have a better understanding of our own personal style and how to mold that into each and every situation. I’ll make sure to keep a lookout at my next office party!