It’s After Work, But is Big Brother Still Watching?

by Rachel Yeomans | September 14th, 2009   

It has been a really long day at the office. You had a few too many at happy hour, which inevitably stretched into post- post-happy hour. And you may not fully approve of your evening actions, but the next morning you shrug it off as just a night worth forgetting. Little did you know that the client you’ve been trying to sign was sitting three tables down from you.

Yes, this is a fluke of a situation. However, in the age of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and plain old gossip, it is important to keep in mind that although you may be out of the office, “Big Brother” may still be hovering directly above you. That doesn’t mean that you should hide in your apartment and lock the door. It means that perhaps you should think that Facebook status update over before publishing; or that you should choose a bar to let loose in that isn’t in the nearby vicinity of your office and colleagues; or even take a double take when advertising the fact that you want a new job on your LinkedIn page. You never know who may see it, and then forward it on.

It’s a tough economy and a tough world out there. Think of an extra sense of awareness not being paranoid, but rather providing an extra layer of protection. This protection might be the smartest work attire you don your entire career.

facebook1 Its After Work, But is Big Brother Still Watching?