Friday Round-Up: What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

by Tracy Layden | May 23rd, 2014   

Fashion is a way to express ourselves. Not only do your clothing choices affect how you feel about yourself, but what you choose to wear sends a non-verbal message to the rest of the world. You get to choose what that message is, but do you know what you’re saying? Read the links below to find out!

rachel zoe fashion quotes style icon brand chanel 19 Friday Round Up: What Do Your Clothes Say About You?


  • Did you know that wearing your lucky necklace might actually give you an edge in that interview? Or that even though formal-wear is seen as powerful, dressing like the people you want to impress might be even better? Learn how your clothing choices affect both how you and your coworkers see you in this great article from 99u.

  • Want to feel confident and powerful? The key is feeling good about how you look. Researchers at Stanford say that even just visualizing a time you felt you best can help! Learn all about it via Inc.

  • People judge based on looks. Everyone does it. You don’t want other people’s perceptions to hold you back! Examine your wardrobe with Marie Claire to learn some common perceptions and closet psychology. Learn how people see your wardrobe, and then use that information to your advantage!

  • Clinton Kelly, host of What Not to Wear, has helped many women feel pretty and confident in their own skin. In this article from Dame Magazine, Clinton discusses controlling your non-verbal messaging on your own terms, and why it’s worth it to make sure you feel confident and beautiful in your clothing.

  • Even if you have to keep in mind what your office expects, you can totally be office appropriate and fashion forward. Office culture is changing, and you have the chance to set the new office trend. Check out our editor’s advice on breathing life into the workplace dress code!