Friday Round-Up: How to Be Confident Even When You’re Freaking Out

by Tracy Layden | August 22nd, 2014   
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You’ve got a big interview or meeting coming up, and you don’t want everyone to see how nervous you are. Don’t worry – a little bit of preparation and you will impress everyone with your self-assurance. (Even if you’re freaking out inside!) Click through the links below to learn how you can overcome those nerves and develop your confidence!

Answering the toughest interview question Friday Round Up: How to Be Confident Even When Youre Freaking Out

  • What do you think of when you imagine the most confident person you know? People who are truly confident share these 9 qualities. (Hint: you can be that confident too!) Via LinkedIn

  • Just tell people that you’re new at this and nervous! I’m serious! You’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel. Plus,  others will respect you more! That’s only one of the five tips from from Fast Company to stay cool when the stress heats up.

  • Preparation is key! Confidence doesn’t just happen, it’s created. And it can be created quickly with these four methods from Forbes!

  • How can you keep your nerves from ruining your interview or important meeting? Use these 5 easy tips from The Muse to look confident even when you are freaking out!

  • Do you have a habit of slouching, keeping your palms facing up or fidgeting? You are making yourself appear less powerful without even knowing it! Use these 8 tricks from Lifehack to make the most of your body language!

  • If you want to feel more confident, wear clothes that make you feel amazing! That could be a blazer that makes you feel like a superhero, an edgy leather jacket, or your favorite statement watch. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and powerful. You are amazing, let your confidence shine bright!