Forbes’ Unveiled Video Advisory on Business, Success, and Style

by Rachel Yeomans | September 16th, 2009   

Read to see what Reuters reported on yesterday – news that will make me updated my Internet bookmarks with vigor!

* * * (, home page for the world`s business leaders and the leading business news Web site, is pleased to announce the launch of four new video programs on the Forbes Video Network.

forbes home logo Forbes Unveiled Video Advisory on Business, Success, and Style

“Success with Moira Forbes” is a weekly show featuring smart, engaging interviews between Moira Forbes and the world`s most accomplished women. Representing the fourth generation of Forbes publishers, Moira oversees ForbesWoman, the magazine and Web site dedicated to career-minded women. Each week, Moira engages successful women across a range of industries, from business and politics to fashion and philanthropy. Moira kicks off the series with Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, who shares her thoughts on the impact of online journalism, the evolution of citizen journalism, and work-life balance, among other topics. For a preview, go to:

“Forbes Executive Travel,” hosted by Evelyn Rusli, will help businesses and business travelers navigate the best routes, find the smartest deals, and make sound decisions for a better time on the road. The series takes off with insight and advice from high flyers in the fashion business.

airport travel Forbes Unveiled Video Advisory on Business, Success, and Style

“Driven” explores the intersection of youth, power, fame and wealth, featuring business leaders, entrepreneurs, legacy children and top names in entertainment and philanthropy (all under 40) who are becoming prominent power players in their respective fields. The show will look at what drives these individuals and how they plan to accomplish their ultimate goals. Hosted by Evelyn Rusli, “Driven” debuts with a face-to-face interview with Twitter CEO Evan Williams.

business ppl 300 Forbes Unveiled Video Advisory on Business, Success, and Style

“Forbes Value Factor,” hosted by Camilla Webster, explores where opportunities lie in business and life that provide individuals and communities with long-term value – as consumers demand more for less and businesses are responding with innovative offers, services and ideas. An example: the fall of Lehman could have meant catastrophe for thousands of female employees at the bank. In this first installment, Camilla looks at how one year later Lehman`s women are using their network, “WILLpower,” to leverage their value on Wall Street.

“We`re pleased to add these new shows to the Forbes Video line-up, which we continue to grow and enhance with new programs and technologies on a regular basis,” said Mia Haugen, Forbes Managing Editor. “As we mark the one-year anniversary of the global financial crisis, we`re especially pleased to introduce forward-looking content that highlights the best in business, while celebrating innovations and new ideas.”

handshake Forbes Unveiled Video Advisory on Business, Success, and Style