Monday Start-Up: Safeguarding and Recovery from the Flu

by Rachel Yeomans | January 14th, 2013   
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How many of you had suffered or are currently suffering from the flu? I see a lot of hands out there. And mine is one of them. All last week I was pretty much whining and sleeping, while trying to sip chicken soup when I had the energy to do so. And it seems that all of us aren’t alone – in fact, we’re among many, many friends.

Both New York and Boston have declared a state of emergency; although the CDC reported that 24 states and New York City are reporting high activity, down from 29 in the previous week. Still, that’s 24 states. That’s a lot of geographical coverage. If you really want to be depressed, check out the Google’s flu tracker.

Google Flu Tracker Monday Start Up: Safeguarding and Recovery from the FluWhat this means for work? Many of you may have called in sick. And if you haven’t and you feel a bit off, work from home and rest. I think it’s safe to be a bit paranoid during one of apparently the worst flu seasons in history. And once you’re feeling better, you may still want to tread lightly. And definitely don’t do what I did (in a bout of health celebration, I went out with a fellow post-illness friend until the wee hours singing show tunes with bourbon in the West Village – luckily neither of us have relapsed, knock on wood).

In all seriousness, it is very important for us to take care of ourselves. Perhaps all of we workaholics should consider this a chance to hit our personal “restart” buttons and take it a bit more easy on ourselves. Get more sleep, take our multivitamins, don’t skimp on the gym and even say no to that tenth meeting of the day. It is the New Year after all. Stay healthy everyone!