Speaking Of Fashion: Harper’s Goes to France, Weird (and Cool) Collaborations, a Metal Magazine

by Rachel Yeomans | June 16th, 2013   

It’s been a while since we recorded Speaking Of Fashion – so sorry loyal listeners! Blame it on schedules, the summer, too much work, etc. However, we are back! And speaking of schedules, this recording took place at 8:30am. On a Saturday. (Yes, that’s early for us.) We really really like you guys.

All lack-of-coffee grumbling aside, I am thrilled to share with you this week’s podcast video! Watch below.

Unfortunately, something went amuck with the podcast recording, so this week’s episode is only available via video. Sorry about that!

This week we chatted about Harper’s going to France – mais ouis! Also we discuss some interesting collaborations and…a magazine of metal? Yeah, it’s awesome. Listen up!


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