Speaking Of Fashion: Addressing the Fashion Internship Lawsuits

by Rachel Yeomans | July 20th, 2013   

This week’s Speaking Of Fashion podcast is live! We discuss a question asked by a listener.

Her email is below:

I would love to know your opinion on all these interns suing fashion companies, I think you touched on it last year and predicted there would be a few more cases. Do you think it’s unfair that they agree to do these internships, get to put a well-known designer on their resume/LinkedIn page as a means of gaining future employment and gain invaluable experience (let’s face it 16 hour days in the fashion industry is standard) and is this just a rite of passage? Or do you think the companies are taking advantage of vulnerable people who in order to get that dream Job need to get some experience and the companies are making large sums of money from free work in difficult sweat shop conditions?

We found the question very interesting, and we focused this week’s episode on reviewing the more recent lawsuits, sharing our thoughts and opinions and asking our listeners to share what they think.

Here is the video (apologies for the state of our appearance; it’s hot and a Saturday morning…):

Please share your thoughts and ideas for next week’s podcast in the comments below! Thanks for listening!


This is really interesting and fantastic to read and i must appreciate you for sharing this post with all of us.

Integrity Legal
Integrity Legal

 @Internship Resume How come that you say this internship is illegal? Can you please elaborate more for me to understand? I need your opinion on this side.