Monday Start-Up: An App, E-Commerce, and Two Awards. Oh My!

by Rachel Yeomans | June 10th, 2013   

Dear readers,

Yes I’ve been slightly absent these past few weeks. My deepest apologies. Not to sound like every overburdened individual, but things have just been crazy! (Yes, insert, “Join the club” here.) Luckily, things have been in the category of “good busy” leading to all kinds of good things.

In fact, I just returned from the annual SIPA (Specialized Information Publishers Association) conference in D.C. where Astek (my fabulous day job) won two awards, one specifically for our blog! Shhh, I slightly modeled the Astek blog program after TheWorkingWardrobe. Here’s the company President, Andy, and I being very excited about those awards.

blog award Monday Start Up: An App, E Commerce, and Two Awards. Oh My!

As you can tell, things are going very well at Astek. In fact, I haven’t seen much of my new apartment with all the business travel and my zany work schedule (Our office manager looked at my hours and said that they’re going to look into finding me a therapist if I keep working so much. Woops.); don’t worry, I had friends come over to feed and play with Fitzgerald, my cat.

Luckily I’m staying put for a little bit and am back to my shenanigans with TheWorkingWardrobe and Speaking Of Fashion – I know, I can feel your excitement! While I’ve been reorganizing my new routine, some really awesome things have been taking place behind the scenes!

First off, we have an app!!! You heard me right, TheWorkingWardrobe is now officially in the App store (both for iPhone and Android). The app features a congregation of all of TheWorkingWardrobe social media posts. We’re on pretty much every network, so I love that you can see everything going on in one place. You can also post your own photos, ask me questions and even read our latest digital magazine issue. Hint, hint, this would be a great way to submit your “What I Wear to Work” outfit photos!

work fashion app Monday Start Up: An App, E Commerce, and Two Awards. Oh My!

Wait, there’s more!

Do you see those slick-looking widgets to the right on the sidebar? You may have figured  it out on your own, but TheWorkingWardrobe has gotten creative with e-commerce! Do I feature products on the site? No because that would be oh so much more work…and as there are still only 24 hours in a day, I’d prefer to try to use a few of those to sleep.

First is the Keep widget. I have a specific collection within Keep where I gather clothes and accessories that I think will bring a sense of fun to your work style. You can shop the entire collection, and access it by clicking on the awesome little widget!

The other widget is from Shopbop, allowing you to shop from their drool-inducing collections. I have been asked for quite a while to incorporate e-commerce into TheWorkingWardrobe. In order to save my sanity, this is my compromise…for now.

shopping work clothes Monday Start Up: An App, E Commerce, and Two Awards. Oh My!

I am absolutely thrilled to provide you with more ways to engage with us here at TheWorkingWardrobe, and even help build your closet with fun and fashionable (and appropriate) work wear! Let’s see what else is around the corner. Hopefully some sleep!

Until then, I’ll keep this “After Work Sauce” on hand (best birthday gift ever!).

after work sauce Monday Start Up: An App, E Commerce, and Two Awards. Oh My!

workaholic cure Monday Start Up: An App, E Commerce, and Two Awards. Oh My!