Erasing Away the To-Do List…Literally

by Rachel Yeomans | September 14th, 2009   

This busy Monday is just another reminder to organize my schedule in a much more productive fashion. I have my Blackberry, I have a calendar book on my desk, and I have both an Outlook and a Google calendar. I don’t know how I always let my schedule get the better of me and I rarely feel on top of things.

The solution came to me through my sister who recently moved back into dorm life for her second year of college. Among her belongs that she packed into her car before driving away was a large rectangular bulletin board that upon closer examination, turned out to be an erasable calendar week! You write in the dates yourself and then wipe it clean at the end of every week. Now that is the most productive and effective to-do list I’ve ever come across!

Picture114 Erasing Away the To Do List...Literally