CubicleChic Work Style Week: Cheer Among the Cubicles

by Rachel Yeomans | December 15th, 2010   

Day 3 of #workstyleweek is among us! Today CubicleChic brings us a post from Angeline Evans of The New Professional on how to bring holiday cheer into your workplace! A very appropriate message for us colleagues this holiday season, eh?

* * *

This time of year, stores and homes are completely decked out, spreading holiday cheer. Maybe your office has a holiday party as well, but if it doesn’t, or if that’s just not enough for you (even off-site parties carry some office politics and sensitivities with them, right?), there are plenty of opportunities for you to infuse your own brand of cheer. Some ideas, in order of complexity:

balloons CubicleChic Work Style Week: Cheer Among the Cubicles

  • Embellish your environment. The easiest way to feel some holiday cheer at work is to bring some holiday décor into your cubicle or workspace.  This can be anything from a few red, green, silver, or gold accents to a mini-tree.  Play some holiday themed music if you’re allowed (and if you can stand it).
  • Bring in treats. Homemade or store-bought, no one can resist some holiday goodies. I’m a big fan of the candy bowl, but I also know that anything left in our break room will be eaten up in a snap. Plus, baking at home is a great way to make my house smell great — I just don’t want to have to eat it all afterward! I love anything with pumpkin or peppermint, and chocolate always makes quite the appearance in my place this time of year.
  • Card exchange/display. Slightly based on the cookie exchange idea below, I just randomly made this one up (as far as I know, at least — I’ve never heard of it or seen it done). Instead of buying and writing cards to everyone in the office, find a place in the office to display everyone’s cards.  Employees can bring in theirs for the season and add it to the collection. It’s an easy way to wish everyone holiday greetings. The prevalence of photo cards nowadays would also make this super-fun, since you’d get to see each other’s families, adding a personal touch. This would be optional, of course (not everyone wants their family photo displayed at work).
  • Secret Santa. Gather participants, pick names among those who want to participate, and [ta-da] instant holiday surprise fun! You can do just one exchange, or do something small regularly to extend the suspense.

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