Monday Start-Up: A Coffee Cup of Wine

by Rachel Yeomans | June 17th, 2013   
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When I was living in New York, I’d have semi-regular Skype dates with one of my best friends back in Chicago. We notoriously chatted way too late and drank way too much wine during our catch-ups. And my friend would always start our conversations with, “You’re drinking wine out of that?!”

greek coffee cup Monday Start Up: A Coffee Cup of Wine

Yes, dear friend. Yes I am.

Now let me explain. In my previous Chicago existence, my apartment touted a full bar, a crazy array of glassware and enough bar accessories for a small gift shop. I also had a full-sized kitchen that boasted a full-sized fridge, a real stove and even cabinets! Unfortunately that kitchen, along with my bar-ware, did not exist in my adorable (and teeny tiny) apartment in Harlem.

I received the above coffee mug as a gift for speaking about social media for an association. I already had two glasses, two coffee mugs and now this adorable replica! Wine glasses, I had none. But if I bought said wine glasses, they would be a few more (breakable) items for me to move. And after heaving my suitcases across almost all the boroughs during my first month living in New York, that just was not worth it to me.

So I endured her rolling her eyes at me during our Skype dates. And she did say that if I lived there longer, she would’ve bought and sent me wine glasses (she actually did do that with a tea kettle as I was boiling water in a sauce pot for a while).

Now that I am back in Chicago and enjoying my full kitchen and a growing bar station again, I came across the following item on the other day.

coffee mug wine Monday Start Up: A Coffee Cup of Wine

Let’s just say my friend received a very fitting gift. I hope she uses it as it’s intended.


I need that mug lol. I feel your NYC apartment pain.

theworkwardrobe moderator

 @ExpertParalegal Isn't it fabulous?! I got so excited when I came across it. And thank you - we small apartment residers must stick together! :)