Budget For a Cause. Loehmann’s to Host Store-Wide Cancer Benefit.

by Rachel Yeomans | September 3rd, 2009   

With the new shopping season coming forth, I am getting more and more anxious for over-the-knee boots, even more scarves, and wool jackets. Can I afford them? Not really. Do I need them? Probably not. However those two questions have rarely stopped season shoppers from splurging on new seasonal items–that is in seasons before the year of economic struggle and plunging retail stats.

However through the current weather of safeguarding our financial resources, the struggling temperatures have also opened our eyes in supporting those around us. We know what it’s like for someone we know to lose a job, to file for bankruptcy, or to lose a home. Perhaps this current economic situation has helped us recognize the silver lining in many situations, and caused us to want to reach out to help others who got dealt a greater blow than we did. I think it’s important to recognize that things didn’t really go from fantastic to abominable. There were always hardships out there–maybe we were just too wrapped up to notice.

about11 Budget For a Cause. Loehmanns to Host Store Wide Cancer Benefit.

On September 24th, discount retailer Loehmann’s is hosting a chain-wide Fashion Funds Hope in-store event. On that day, Loehmann’s will offer an additional 15% discount above its standard 30-65% savings to any customer who donates five dollars to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF). In addition, Loehmann`s will make a contribution to OCRF of 5% of total purchases by donors. And knowing you’re donating to a good cause along with scoring a fantastic corduroy beret is only the beginning. Tables will be set up throughout the Loehmann’s locations distributing information about ovarian cancer, from risk factors and symptoms to the programs run by OCRF.

Reuters quoted Elizabeth Howard, chief executive officer of OCRF: “Every contribution from this special in-store event delivers hope. We are thrilled Loehmann`s is helping us reach out to educate women and their families across the country. Ovarian cancer is a quiet disease for which there is no simple screening test or tool. Early detection makes a significant difference in survival rates, so by improving detection, treatment and prevention, we make a real difference together.”