Monday Start-Up: Book Review Humor

by Rachel Yeomans | April 8th, 2013   

Some may call me an obsessive reader.

man smoking jacket Monday Start Up: Book Review Humor

  • The act of merely stepping into a book store requires me to purchase at least two books (usually three).
  • I read about three books at a time, one of which I listen to via Audible during my commute.
  • I have a reading chair (if only I had a smoking jacket).
  • I am part of two book clubs.
  • I subscribe to multiple book review podcasts.
  • I color coordinate the books on my bookshelf. See, style and book nerdiness can live in harmony!

In addition to the above, I also am pretty active in the social reading platform, Goodreads. Therefore, when news broke that Amazon was acquiring Goodreads, I was very happy for Goodreads. However I admit I was a wee bit nervous (and admittedly still am) that one of my favorite reading resources is going to be brought into the Big Brother creepy-dom that is Amazon, and therefore Google. Will they corrupt my dearly beloved app? Cross your fingers it won’t be so *gulp.

Then this very morning, news came about another Amazon reading purchase. And this one made me laugh out loud.

The above video was created by Ron Charles (who also starred in it) for The Style Blog on The Washington Post. The end is definitely my favorite part. And if you read his full blog post, the addendum list is quite hilarious. The best item in the list? That is real bacon.