What I Wear to Work: AEROSOLES Guitar Solo Orange Kicks

by Rachel Yeomans | May 19th, 2014   

I’m a big fan of statement accessories. You will often see me donning an all-neutral ensemble (yes, mostly black) with either a colorful bag, loud jewelry or shoes that get noticed. Case in point: the AEROSOLES Guitar Solo shoes in orange leather, courtesy of AEROSOLES. Yes, I said orange leather.

aerosole outfit What I Wear to Work: AEROSOLES Guitar Solo Orange Kicks

Some fun facts about these shoes provided by AEROSOLES:

  • They are part of the Signature by AEROSOLES collection –a line that features a range of styles made from premium supple leathers and nubucks for extreme softness and flexibility with no break-in time required.
  • They feature the following AEROSOLES’ unique design technologies:
    • Diamond Flex Sole – Engineered for maximum comfort flexibility by absorbing impact and dispersing friction with every step.
    • Stitch ‘N’ Turn – Creates the most flexible and comfortable shoes possible; with no break-in time required.

Guitar Solo 053 AV1 small What I Wear to Work: AEROSOLES Guitar Solo Orange Kicks

And no, I had no idea what the heck “nubuck” meant either. Thank you Wikipedia for the following:

Nubuck (pronounced /?nju?b?k/) is top-grain cattle leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, producing a velvet-like surface. It is resistant to wear, and may be white or colored. Nubuck is similar to suede. It differs in that suede is created from the inner side of a hide, whereas nubuck is created from the outer side of a hide, giving it more strength and thickness along with a fine grain. It is generally more expensive than suede, and must be colored or dyed heavily to cover up the sanding and stamping process. Some of the identifying characteristics of nubuck are similar to aniline leather; it is very soft to the touch, it will scratch very easily, and water drops will darken the leather temporarily (it will return to its original color upon drying). The word nubuck probably comes from newbuck(skin).

Learn something new every day!

What I did learn is that these shows are indeed just as comfortable as advertised. I wore them sans socks and just sprinkled a little baby powder inside them. No blisters by the end of the work day whatsoever! (And remember my feet are not yet broken in for sans-socks shoes.) I am also proud to report that I received several compliments on my new orange kicks from multiple coworkers.

Per the rest of the outfit, here is the run-down:

aerosole outfit 2 What I Wear to Work: AEROSOLES Guitar Solo Orange Kicks

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