Monday Start-Up: Entering Cat Lady Land

by Rachel Yeomans | May 6th, 2013   

Dear readers,

Some of you may recall a particular post I published a short while ago entitled, “Confession From a Dog Person”. Within said blog post, I confessed (as a dog lover and feline judger) that I was going to adopt a cat. Well, for those of you who may know me personally, when I say I’m going to do something it almost always gets done. I’m stubborn that way.

With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to Fitzgerald (yes I’m a book nerd – in fact a Facebook friend stated there should be a “Great Catsby”):

adopting cat Monday Start Up: Entering Cat Lady Land

Now…I was a little nervous going to the shelter. What if I didn’t find a cat who liked me? What if there were not cats possessed by dog-like personalities? What if all the items I had delivered by PetSmart would be forced to reside in a non-cat-inhabited home?! Despite my (ridiculous) fears, I met my friend at the local humane society.

The first entry into the cat rooms didn’t particularly go well. But it didn’t go badly either. In fact, it just didn’t really go because all of the cats were asleep! I stood in the middle of Room 1 going, “Huh. Now what?” One long-haired beauty was quite cuddly, but my leggings were going from black to white after two strokes. I admit I didn’t really want to deal with the cat-hair cleanup. I may be willing to venture into Cat Lady Land, but I didn’t want to look like a cat lady. I’m a fashion junkie – I have limits.

Into Room 2 we went. These cats had a bit more personality and we had some fun playing around. Then my friend spotted this sleeper in the cat tower. “OH MY GOD RACHEL GET OVER HERE!” she exclaimed in the most urgent way you can imagine within a cat room. And there he was, a sleeping Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald 1024x577 Monday Start Up: Entering Cat Lady Land

I have to say that Fitzgerald was one stubborn sleeper. He refused to wake up, but did acquiesce to rolling over on his back and lifting his chin to let us scratch his belly while he slept. Then when we did wake him up, there was no biting or scratching nor jumping. He just looked at me, blinked a few times and probably said in his head, “You don’t look like the canary in my dream…or are dream canaries tall humans with brown hair?”

And the rest was doggy-like playtime. And I jumped right into Cat Lady Land. I adopted Fitz (a healthy 2-year-old) and bought out the pet store across the street (Remember the items from PetSmart? Yeah, I missed the UPS shipment so I had to buy duplicate. Great planning, Rachel.) and my friend and I grabbed a taxi to take my cat to his new home. While he’s adjusting, he quite likes the corner of my shoe closet and my sun porch. He also likes playing fetch, cuddling and sleeping on my throat. I have to figure that last one out.

cute cat Monday Start Up: Entering Cat Lady Land

Now if you’ll excuse me…ahem…”Loook at that cute little kiittyyy.”