Adding Glasses to Your Working Wardrobe: It’s Harder Than You Think

by Rachel Yeomans | May 8th, 2012   

The online eyeglass retailer, reached out to me a month or two ago asking me to review a pair of their eyeglasses on my blog. Luckily for them I am practically blind and have to hold my phone about an inch away from my face when I wake up in the morning in order to see the time. I do have prescription glasses that I mainly wear during the first hour or so I wake up and the last hour or two before I go to bed. They’re fine glasses, but primarily purchased for function versus fashion. So I took on this ask as a personal project for me. I was going to find a pair of glasses that I could wear during the work day versus in the confines of my own apartment. And they’ll be cute! And fashionable! This was going to be fun!

That is until I started shopping. One thing about shopping for glasses online is that there are just oh so many to choose from! Luckily I had a vision (pun intended). I wanted one of those pair of oversized statement glasses, similar to the ones worn by Carrie Donovan, who you may remember from the Old Navy ads.

Carrie Donovan Adding Glasses to Your Working Wardrobe: Its Harder Than You Think

If I was going for fashion, I wanted to stand out! I found several pairs that appeared to be large, but again when you’re online how can you be sure? Luckily Glasses USA has a “virtual mirror”. You take a photo of yourself from your web cam (or upload one), and then you can virtually “try on” pairs of glasses to get an idea of how you’d look wearing them. This process definitely helped, but I had to adjust my photo for almost every pair and I could never tell if the glasses were just that big or if my picture was just too small. Here were a few (of many) contenders:

Glasses Option 1 Adding Glasses to Your Working Wardrobe: Its Harder Than You Think

Glasses Option 2 Adding Glasses to Your Working Wardrobe: Its Harder Than You Think

Glasses Option 3 Adding Glasses to Your Working Wardrobe: Its Harder Than You Think

Glasses Purchased Adding Glasses to Your Working Wardrobe: Its Harder Than You Think

I honestly had no idea what to buy. I was overwhelmed by options and admittedly had to ask Glasses USA for an extension to my coupon code to purchase the glasses. Luckily they obliged. The virtual mirror function luckily had a “lifeline” option. The first round of glasses I sent a cry for help to my sister-in-law and my mother. My sister-in-law raved over a pair of purple specs I tried, and my mom followed up with a phone call: “Rachel I’m sorry I just didn’t like any of them.” Sigh. Back to the virtual mirror!

I decided if I was ever going to buy glasses, I just had to go with my gut and just commit to a pair. Was it fear holding me back? Was it the fact that I had no idea what to expect after purchasing a pair of glasses online when previously I’ve only purchased them from my eye doctor? I don’t know, but gosh darnit I was going to accomplish this task!

Dear readers, after careful consideration, I decided to purchase the glasses you see in the last image above. I give you, the glasses that Glasses USA dubs, Congress.

Glasses Adding Glasses to Your Working Wardrobe: Its Harder Than You Think

Notice the checker pattern detail? I also love the black thick frames. Makes a statement, yes? I tried them on and was so excited! Not only did they match the oversized look I was going for, but I actually really liked them! (In fact, I’m wearing them while writing this article.)

Glasses USA Adding Glasses to Your Working Wardrobe: Its Harder Than You Think

A few things to note when buying glasses through Glasses USA. When you check out from your shopping cart, you type in your prescription to see the cost of your lenses. Based on how bad your eyes are, they make suggestions on the lens weight and extra features. Remember I said that I am practically blind? The automatic options for my purchase added an extra $80 to the order with the lens weight alone. However, you can manually change the options if you don’t mind compromising for the light weight versus super light weight (a difference of $60 can help you decide). They also feature anti-glare, transition lenses and scratch resistant add-ons. I chose anti-glare (they said it was good for computer use so I quickly checked that box) and left the rest as I still wear contacts more and didn’t feel it was necessary; however as an FYI they have a nice group price for both anti-glare and scratch-resistant. The glasses were $76, and my total with the extras was $120. With the $80 coupon they gave me, I spent a total of $40.

After much deliberation and silly stress, I now own a pair of fashionable oversized glasses that I never would have sought out on my own; and overall the experience of the purchase was quite positive (despite my indecision). So thank you Glasses USA for your patience. And for you dear readers, I want to share with you the experience of this virtual mirror I mentioned! Play with it yourself here – just prepare yourself when you send images to family members. Oh yeah, and save yourself on your lens weight costs: Take 10% off any order using the code: Blog10. Enjoy!


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