Monday Start-Up: Stories from London and 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

by Rachel Yeomans | February 25th, 2013   

Wow what a crazy three days it has been! Friday night, my boyfriend (Bill) and I brought our bags (including two half-empty for necessary carry-home items) to the international airport to embark on a much-needed two-week vacation…to Europe!

London hotel Monday Start Up: Stories from London and 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

The itinerary:

  1. Embark on an overnight plane to London
  2. Stay in London for two days
  3. Take the Euro Star (aka “the chunnel”) to Paris
  4. Stay in Paris at a flat for 10 days
  5. Return to London for another three days
  6. Return to the United States rejuvenated, refreshed and hopefully speaking better French

As of Friday, we’ve accomplished steps one through three, and as of today, we are in the midst of step four. Granted my blog posts for the next two weeks will be a bit interesting, as the time difference will cause them to jostle a bit, but I hope you can forgive me in that process.

For starters, yes traveling overnight to London does help conquer jet lag, however make sure to take a sleeping pill and to bring an eye mask (the brightness from the TV screen can be distracting). There was so much turbulence over the Atlantic, that I don’t recall much sleeping over those eight hours, however it did help assist in providing one of the best night’s sleep the following nights ever! Seriously, Bill and I struggled to stay awake until around 9pm. Then we allowed ourselves to go to bed…for a heavenly 13 hours. Again…heavenly.

flower cart Monday Start Up: Stories from London and 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

London was brief but fantastic. Our hotel was in Hyde Park, so we spent the first two days mainly wandering around the area and getting acquired to the time change. The highlights – the local pubs, the park and the afternoon tea (Bill however would say that the English breakfast was worthy of a post card home – he had it both Sunday and Monday). I’m excited to go back and do some of the touristy stuff I enjoyed so long ago, but it was a great introduction to our venture.

As of this afternoon, we are now in Paris. And oh my gosh is it amazing! I’ve always loved Paris, and this time is no different. First we took the Metro to our flat (I am very fortunate to have a friend of the family who offered to loan us his flat for our stay) and met the building guardian. She gave us a tour and explained how the building worked – I think we both understood about 25% of what the other was saying, so in the end I feel we were on the same page. Sort of.

chunnel Monday Start Up: Stories from London and 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

The flat is in 2eme arrondissement – Paris is divided into 20 municipal districts. So if someone asks where you are staying in Paris, reply with the district. You can do so by zip code. The flat in our district is wonderful – two bedrooms, enormous bathrooms, laundry, high end kitchen with dishwasher and a cozy dining room and living room. C’est magnifique!

After settling in (and connecting to the Internet), we immediately embarked to the corner brasserie for wine and food. And greetings to camambert and honey along with la soupe de poissons. Then en route to the bar next door to our flat, we picked up a nutella crepe. Luckily we were able to get by speaking mostly French while the servers assisted with a few words here and there.

The week has just begun, and I’m ecstatic to embark on the rest of it. Stay tuned for more tales and pictures!

Kerry oBrine
Kerry oBrine

Hope the rest of your trip goes as well. I love living in london, you should give yourself more time here!! Also I do love much cheese and bread!!!

theworkwardrobe moderator

 @Kerry oBrine Already so much cheese and bread...and wine! :) We're heading back to London as well - my favorite city is Paris but I adore London for so many other reasons. Thanks so much for the comment Kerry!