Monday Start-Up: 2013 and All its Craziness

by Rachel Yeomans | January 7th, 2013   
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It has been a while since I’ve written my favorite blog post of the week, the Monday Start-Up. This is mainly due to me succumbing to my overloaded schedule. These past few months, I feel I should contribute rent to my suitcases, as they appear to be my home more so than my actual apartment. I can have many excuses (business trips, holiday travel, moving…), but I’m back, and I’ve missed you dear readers.

Screen Shot 2013 01 07 at 3.32.33 PM Monday Start Up: 2013 and All its Craziness

It is the new year, and lots of things are a-foot. The next issue of TheWorkingWardrobe.Digital is underway. We’re working on a video production. I started a new “hobby venture” inspired by my newly finished short story (now I am working on its novella prequel). I got promoted at my company to VP Marketing. This change is resulting in my moving back to Chicago, so now there is packing involved…again! I will then officially be between NYC and Chicago, as I’ll be in New York once per month for TheWorkingWardrobe. (I admit, I am looking forward to the enormous apartment I will be able to find with the comparable NYC studio apartment rent.) I’m heading to London and Paris for a vacation aaaand to swing by Paris Fashion Week a lil’ bit (yes I will be blogging – but not a ton so I can enjoy my holiday a bit).

Travel Suitcase Monday Start Up: 2013 and All its Craziness

And…I won’t get sick.

No, not acceptable. Germs and stress and over-tired bugs begone! At least until March.

I realize this may be slightly unrealistic, but to take a serious tone, that with all of the craziness and zaniness, I’m very excited for 2013. I feel that 2012 brought a lot of big things, but it also brought a lot of peaks and valleys and quite difficult challenges to overcome. I feel that 2013 will also bring big things, but without the catch-22 involved. This year I am more realistic, I am just as stubborn and I have developed an even stronger silver lining approach to my outlook. I also feel much more secure about what I want and what I’m going to make of that. And I promise, it was very different from where I started in 2012. And that is definitely not a bad thing.

Cheers everyone! Here’s to a fantastic and sunny 2013!

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