Victoria’s Secret PINK Plays Ball

by WorkWardrobe | June 14th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

As I approached the Victoria’s Secret store on Michigan Avenue I couldn’t help but notice the extremely long line wrapped around the corner for the Victoria’s Secret PINK Plays Ball event.  Not even the extremely hair-frizzing humidity could keep these first 100 fans from getting their free tee-shirt and photo with Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo, Chicago Cubs Pitcher Randy Wells, and Chicago White Sox Infielder Gordon Beckham for the launching of the new VS Pink Major League Baseball (MLB) collection.

DSC002811 225x300 Victorias Secret PINK Plays Ball

If you know how comfortable Victoria’s Secret line PINK is, you can already imagine the restraint I had to put on myself not to purchase every single thing before I made it up to the actual event.  And lets just say being a huge Cubs fan; it was even harder when I laid my eyes on the new collection. My personal favorite, the tee-shirt that says, “ I only kiss cubs fans” (they have the same one for Sox fans, don’t you worry).

DSC002731 512x1024 Victorias Secret PINK Plays Ball

This new collection got me thinking about jobs that take place out of the office – for example supermodels and major league baseball players. Supermodels are usually given their “work wear” as their job is to wear what the designers produce, whether it’s on the runway or in a photo shoot.  When I asked Candice and Behati if they considered themselves to be “very lucky” to not have to put on a suite everyday they explained that, in South Africa where they are from, they had to wear a uniform to school every single day and that this was definitely a break.  As I have never had to wear a uniform to school I can imagine how much of a relief it must be to be able to wear whatever they want.

DSC00278 768x1024 Victorias Secret PINK Plays Ball

But, these two supermodels don’t only wear the clothes produced by designers; after all they don’t work 24-hours a day. So, I was curious to know what they wear when they are not working- (the “model off duty look”). They said that they usually wear a pair of comfortable jeans and a basic tee-shirt and that the PINK MLB baseball tee-shirts are definitely something they would wear off-duty. Overall, this was a very successful event and I can’t wait to get a tee-shirt! Go Cubs/Sox!

DSC00283 768x1024 Victorias Secret PINK Plays Ball

Violet Revolution
Violet Revolution

I love the new line of MLB Victoria's Secret tees & tanks. Finally, some cute tee-shirts we can wear while supporting our favorite Chicago team!