Party Season: Top Themed Party Ideas

by Rachel Yeomans | May 13th, 2013   

As spring finally makes an appearance and summer is just around the corner (hopefully), it’s the time of year when you are taking more vacation days due to the outdoor fêtes and weddings aplenty. Whether you’re the host or you’re helping to brainstorm ideas, organizing a themed party can be both fun and memorable. I recently hosted a theme party for my housewarming, at which both friends and colleagues attended. The theme: A fancy ball. I personally adore theme parties and try to throw them regularly. (Can you tell Halloween is one of my favorite Hallmark holidays?) Here is one of TheWorkingWardrobe’s lovely writers, Laura Hawbaker, at a 1920′s pin-up party I hosted several years back. Adore at the hair!

theme party Party Season: Top Themed Party Ideas

Yes you may have to be careful with your theme if you’re inviting colleagues, but who doesn’t like bringing in some personality to those we know? Here are some fun theme concepts to think on during the soiree summer season. If I didn’t include one that you would like to see, please mention it in the comments below!


Sometimes, it’s the old classics that work the best. Take your pick from some of the well-known characters, such as the men’s fancy dress favorite of Batman or the feminine fave, Wonderwoman.

fancy dress costume Party Season: Top Themed Party Ideas

Arabian Nights

Perfect for a warm summer evening, decorate the room like a Bedouin tent and don some harem pants to look the part. If you want to really go all out, check into arranging a belly dancing class! Or if having Lawrence of Arabia playing in the background, that can work too.

A Grownup Kids Party

Who says grownups can’t have jelly and ice cream? Take a nostalgic look back to your childhood and organise some fun party games that will make you feel like you’re a kid again. Think pass the parcel, musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey – you get the picture.

Cocktail Party

Do you like yours shaken, or stirred? Dress to impress in a suit or cocktail dress and enjoy an evening of elegance and grandeur. Plan some cocktail options in advance or hire a cocktail mixologist to host a cocktail making class to make you feel like you’re in the heart of the action.

Organise some bitesize canapé nibbles for a real treat, dim the lights and turn up the classy music to add to the stylish and chic atmosphere. Hello modern Man Men!

Eurovision Party

With the final on the 18th May, it’s a perfect time to organise your own Eurovision party. Organize your own voting and choose your own winner. Decorate the room to reflect the countries, giving your guests a particular country each to ensure a varied and diverse evening of Eurovision fun and frolics.

Masquerade Ball

Ask your guests to wear a mask for the evening for that added je ne sais quoi. Add some cocktails and nibbles to the mix with some of your favourite music to help keep the atmosphere fun.

Murder Mystery

My favorite theme party of all time was my going away party before I moved to New York. My friends customized a game of Clue around me. I was Mr. Body, and it turned out I was killed by Miss Scarlet, with a stiletto heel in my favorite wine shop. All my friends dressed in their favorite Clue character. During my role as Mr. Body, I wore a tuxedo jacket and black skinny pants. After the game however I did several costume changes to play Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard. I recommend this custom game but you can also research the ideas available and host your own whodunit. Give your guests a character to play in advance and ensure that as soon as they step into the room, they take on the role. Someone dies, but who’s the culprit? Just watch out for stilettos.

Vintage Tea Party

It’s incredibly popular at the moment but there’s every reason why. Put together some finger sandwiches and some bitesize cakes, grab a few teapots and some pretty tiered cake stands. Blast some 40s and 50s music from the music player and dress up in a ditsy tea dress from ASDA George for a quintessentially British party.

tea party dress Party Season: Top Themed Party Ideas

All of this makes me really want to host another theme party…what should it be?