Isaac Mizrahi: Still Fashion’s Favorite

by Kate Jacobsen | February 11th, 2014   
Mizrahi Mallis 4 by Joyce Culver 200x300 Isaac Mizrahi: Still Fashions Favorite

Photo Credit: Joyce Culver

New York Fashion Week is now well under way but to kick off the festivities, I had the opportunity to listen to one of fashion’s most colorful and multi-faceted icons, Isaac Mizrahi, speak at 92Y. Mizrahi’s wit, candid humor and indelible charm captivated the audience. The designer sat down with Fern Mallis to give a recount of the highs and lows of his career thus far as well as an inside look into what we can expect next from him.

Mizrahi Mallis 2 by Joyce Culver 300x200 Isaac Mizrahi: Still Fashions Favorite

Photo Credit: Joyce Culver

Mizrahi’s resume puts most people – ok everyone – to shame, boasting job titles of designer, TV host, actor, director, comic book writer, costume designer, narrator, musician and cabaret performer. His career spans almost 40 years starting with the launch of his own clothing line, IS New York, at the mere age of 15. With career highlights such as his documentary Unzipped in 1995 and his Target collection in 2003 among many others, Mizrahi currently serves as the Creative Director for Xcel Brands. Additionally, he has his own QVC show called Isaac Mizrahi LIVE!, launched his first ever fragrance Fabulous this past fall, and will be directing and designing Mozart’s The Magic Flute for Opera Theatre of St. Louis.

Being the fashion and media darling that Mizrahi is, one can imagine how entertaining it was listening to him speak. There were so many great moments throughout the night that I put together my top ten list. It includes but is not limited to fun facts you may not have known about Isaac and quotes.

  1. “Anna (Wintour) is the biggest yenta in the world.” In reference to her introducing Mizrahi to Mark Morris
  2. Mizrahi fired someone for saying “pop of color” in front of him
  3. “The tents is not an individual statement of someone’s work.”
  4. In defense to his 2006 Golden Globes debacle with Scarlett Johansson, he was feeling the underwire, not the breast
  5. “Loehman’s closing is the end of the world.”
  6. “Everyone is writing a movie.” Mizrahi is currently writing a movie
  7. Even though it seems like Mizrahi has done just about everything, it’s on his bucket list to write a TV series and it would star Allison Janney
  8. Christy Turlington is his favorite model
  9. His social medium of choice is Twitter because it is short, clever and you can unfollow people
  10. Since this is a work wear fashion blog, I will leave the following to the imagination: Mizrahi wore a powder blue shantung suit and Pierre Cardin white leather shoes to his bar mitzvah.

Would you dare to wear that to your office?