Hanes Hosiery and a Spa Party

by Rachel Yeomans | May 1st, 2012   

Has anyone asked you to host a spa party before? Well when you receive a box at your front door holding pedicure toe separators, polishing sets, nail polish, a candle, lotion, and a heck of a lot of toe-less hosiery, you have indeed been asked to host a spa party. Hanes was the challenger of this feat. The task: Host a party, take some photos, and then have some of the attendees don the hosiery the next few days at work and let me know how they liked them!

The Party.

Food Spread Hanes Hosiery and a Spa Party

Emails went out, schedules were aligned, and a date was set. Several of my girlfriends ventured to the land of Astoria after their work days last Tuesday evening. After an hour or so of gabbing over wine and nibbles, we went to work. Before this portion of the evening, I realized that I hadn’t painted my own toe nails for about two years before this event! I repeat, two years!

And I’m sorry to say, but you can tell… . I promise I did try!

Painted toes Hanes Hosiery and a Spa Party

I think I’ll stick with my stand-by nail salon from now on. I did appreciate the challenge, and it did beam me back to high school and college. Who would have thought that being asked to try toe-less hosiery would result in a trip down beauty memory lane? I wonder if my mayonnaise facials will come back (let’s hope not).

One of the party attendees was kind enough to email me her photo the following work day to show off her pedicured look with the Hanes toe-less hosiery. In fact, she took several! Notice those purple nails peeking through those fabulous pumps! (Admittedly both of us found that particular nail color a bit questionable, but after the party I gave some of the items to my upstairs neighbor, and she was the most excited about the purple polish. Glad to have pleased my guests (and neighbors).) The nail polish was provided by Wet N’ Wild Megalast. Thank you for supplying part of our “artistic” endeavors!

WP 000024 767x1024 Hanes Hosiery and a Spa Party

2012 04 26 07.27.12 e1335839291797 768x1024 Hanes Hosiery and a Spa Party

The outfit: Kate Spade top, J. Crew skirt, Dolce/Gabbana shoes and Hanes hosiery (of course). Also, below was a quote from her email to me with the pictures: “If I wore pantyhose/open toed shoes – I might consider wearing these. I really liked the flat sewn seams.” Well done Hanes! I do wear hosiery almost daily for work, so I already wore two pairs to work. I agree, those flat seams are fantastic! I don’t wear open-toed shoes for work, but the next day it’s in the low 60s and a day of shopping or brunching is in order, these may be the perfect solution!

A party had and toes attempted to be pedicured, a fun night was had and the concept of toe-less hosiery entered into my workspace. So the next time a package of spa paraphernalia shows up on your stoop, start calling your girlfriends!