Gurjot New York and 85 Broads Fashion Show

by Rachel Yeomans | August 7th, 2012   

It’s not every day you hear about a fashion show for working women that showcases real working women! Late last month, Gurjot New York, a custom luxury work wear brand, and 85 Broads Power Circle hosted an event at Manhattan’s Core Club. It consisted of everything you expect from a business event (and more): Networking, cocktails and the gasped question, “Where did you get that?!”

Opening the evening was Dr. Jessica Hunt, scientist and anthropologist, who gave a compelling critique on the topic of women “having it all”. This topic is quite classic (a nod towards the movie Baby Boom), however also very timely considering the July cover story in The Atlantic that bluntly states that we women can not have it all, while the previous Google employee Marissa Mayer came on board as Yahoo CEO, and is also pregnant. 85 Broads CEO Janet Hanson and LifeDesigns CEO Gail Blanke also shared their opinions on the topic.

Then came the fashion show! Strutting the runway were working mothers and women executives whose careers range from CEO to holistic plastic surgeon to executive coach and author to founder of her own company to a high-powered lawyer.  Their pictures and bios are below. Photos were taken by Nabila Abdel Nabi and makeup was by John Alfred Nelson.

IMG 6914 Gurjot New York and 85 Broads Fashion Show

Anna Fishbeyn
modeled a fuchsia silk blouse with a black windowpane skirt, black zip jacket, and reversible belt
Anna Fishbeyn is playwright, performer and producer.  Ms. Fishbeyn is currently developing Sex in Mommyville for its off-Broadway premiere, and is also working on a new play, entitled Princess of Wall Street. Her work examines the media-engendered pressures and socially acceptable double standards affecting women and mothers today.

IMG 6921 Gurjot New York and 85 Broads Fashion Show

Ora Shtull
modeled an orange sleeveless shell with charcoal contemporary slacks and silver scarf
Ora Shtull is an Executive Coach who has worked with high-potential leaders at Fortune 100 companies for over 15 years.  She is also the author of The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise, which will be published by 85 Broads in September.  To learn more about Ora, visit her site:

IMG 7073 Gurjot New York and 85 Broads Fashion Show

Elena Kaspi
modeled a gold pinstripe wrap dress with a gold pinstripe one-button jacket
Founder of LawScope Coaching, Elena Kaspi specializes in providing one-on-one Executive Career Coaching to attorneys at every level of their professional development.

Shirley Madhere
modeled a sage green long-sleeved blouse with a black skirt and reversible leather belt
Dr. Shirley Madhere is a holistic plastic surgeon working in New York. To learn more, visit her website at or visit for an online consultation.

IMG 6968 Gurjot New York and 85 Broads Fashion Show

Sheila Ronning
modeled a black sheath dress and velvet wrap
As President and CEO of Women in the boardroom, Sheila Ronning helps C-level women reach their goals of serving on the board. Learn more at

IMG 6934 Gurjot New York and 85 Broads Fashion Show

Navneet Dhaliwal
modeled a sage sheath dress with ruffle
Currently a stay-at-home mom of 3 boys, Navneet Dhaliwal has worked as a senior associate at a city law firm, practicing in international arbitration and litigation. Previously, Navneet was a barrister in London, England.

* * *

Ranging in price while not compromising style, Gurjot New York represents itself as a leader in dressing the professional woman – and these ladies proved it! A large component of content in TheWorkingWardrobe is how to have fun with your work wear while fitting dress code and showcasing professionalism. Judging by the pictures, these women indeed were having fun in their professional fashions. Cheers to them and to you – because when it comes to style at work, we can indeed have it all!

IMG 6908 Gurjot New York and 85 Broads Fashion Show