FIT Museum Lecture Series: Franca Sozzani of Vogue Italia

by Rachel Yeomans | May 8th, 2012   

FIT Museum Lecture Series: Franca Sozzani

As part of the FIT Museum Lecture Series, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia spoke to students, alumni and fans (ourselves among them). Here is TheWorkingWardrobe’s recap of this inspiring lecture delivered by one of the most innovative magazine editors told through Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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So excited about this lecture! (@ Fashion Institute of Technology w/ 6 others) Yeomans
Anxiously awaiting the @museumatfit lecture! Yeomans
You can’t just make just a fashion magazine says Franca Sozzani, otherwise you just make a fashion catalogue – @museumatFIT lectureRachel Yeomans
Franca Sozzani at @museumatFIT!!! Yeomans
Franca Sozzani Discusses the 3D Issue of Vogue Italiatheworkingwardrobe
Hilarious hearing Franca Sozzani say after their shape issue, people said she was pushing people to be obese-just can’t win! @museumatFITRachel Yeomans
Love hearing @FrancaSozzani talk about her blog at the @museumatFIT lecture!Rachel Yeomans
The @vogue_italia curvy issue as shown by @FrancaSozzani at @museumatFIT lecture Yeomans
Franca Sozzani of Vogue Italia and Her Fight Against Obesitytheworkingwardrobe
Wow love what @FrancaSozzani does to combat skinny stereotypes w Vogue Curvy, etc.Rachel Yeomans
The @vogue_italia black issue Yeomans
Franca Sozzani Discusses Plastic Surgery Influencing an Issue of Vogue Italiatheworkingwardrobe
.@FrancaSozzani talks about their next Africa issue – Africa fashion is in the air! Even more excited to publish @theworkwardrobe feature!Rachel Yeomans
Oh my gosh @FrancaSozzani features citizen journalism on the Italian Vogue website! Really impressed by her want to give back @museumatFITRachel Yeomans
Franca Sozzani of Vogue Italia Explains How to Run a Fashion Magazinetheworkingwardrobe
.@FrancaSozzani says their magazine sales increased because of website at @museumatFIT lecture – she says it’s because of the interaction!Rachel Yeomans
The crowd around @FrancaSozzani after the @museumatfit lecture Yeomans