#ChiStyle TweetUp: Click Shoes

by Rachel Yeomans | July 5th, 2011   

I have to admit, I am one of those individuals who qualifies the hashtag as a favorite addition to our modern-day communication. There are several resources I live vicariously through that merge fashion and social media. One is the Fashion 2.0 meetup group out of New York. And the other is the site Fashionably Marketing, whose publisher hosts fashion and social media conferences in the California area on a semi-rotating basis. Both of these sites/groups have amazing information and allow me to indulge myself in two topics that I adore almost equally: fashion & technology. However, when it comes to taking these topics live – as in a panel, event, tweetup, etc., I’m at a loss. I’m stuck in between these two amazing businesses – literally. Being based in Chicago, we have a lot to be proud of when it comes to both fashion and technology (Groupon, anyone?). So…why can’t we have a fashion and technology resource?

Enter in…#ChiStyle. I decided to take my love of fashion and my hashtag obsession and make a magical union.

The goal: Host a regular (goal is monthly) tweetup/event using the hashtag #ChiStyle at a location to support the Chicago fashion industry. This could be at a boutique, at a designer’s warehouse, at a fashion exhibit, etc. This event runs for two hours in the evening so people can come from work, and we all gather over food, drink, and fashion!

IMAG0272 #ChiStyle TweetUp: Click Shoes

IMAG0280 #ChiStyle TweetUp: Click Shoes

The first tweetup proved a wonderful success! On May 19th, Chicago fashionistas gathered at Click Shoes in Chicago’s Southport Corridor. Attendees enjoyed wine, appetizers, and a 15% discount on any purchases. People came, we laughed, we tweeted, and we had a lot of fun playing with the owner’s dog as a bonus!

Thanks so much to Click Shoes for a wonderful event! See the rest of the photos in our Facebook album!

IMAG0283 #ChiStyle TweetUp: Click Shoes

And don’t worry, if you missed this one, there’s another one right around the corner! Please join us for the July #ChiStyle tweetup to be held at Leahey & Ladue consignment shop! The tweetup will be held on Thursday, July 14th, from 6-8pm. There will be wine, food, and an additional 20% off all purchases! RSVP here:


Tweet with you there!