A Working Woman’s Wardrobe Mecca: The Mémé LAFLEUR Trunk Show

by Rachel Yeomans | June 6th, 2012   

A lot of women’s work wear can be described in three ways:

  1. Monotone
  2. Easy-to-match
  3. A little bit boring

Granted this is not every woman’s working wardrobe – however it does ring true to each of us – you know those times when it’s just too much work to put an “outfit” together? Yes, those are the times we resort to attire that fits into the above three categories. Luckily, I feel I discovered a collection that could save us from these weak points each morning. In fact, I feel this collection could even give us the confidence that we will feel both pretty and comfortable each and every work day!

Trunk Show 1 A Working Womans Wardrobe Mecca: The Mémé LAFLEUR Trunk Show

I met the women behind Mémé LAFLEUR a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, these women know what it’s like to commute, be in meetings all day, travel, and have days where they just don’t feel like a hip-hugging dress will be as comfortable after a business lunch versus before one. And what’s even more genius, is that before she launched her collection, she gathered a handful of women in the business world and incorporated their needs and thoughts into her collection. Thus her workwear collection was born.

This premier collection from Mémé LAFLEUR features seven dresses conceptualized by the company founder, Sarah LaFleur, her partner and a former runway fashion designer. All dresses are made locally in New York City using fabrics from Japan and Italy. In fact, one dress is so ideal for business travel, that Ms. LaFleur bunched it up, put it in a garbage bag and after two weeks it emerged without a single wrinkle. You can guess what’s going in my suitcase during my next business trip! She also devised a slip that actually helps reduce dry cleaning trips due to sweating during one’s commute.

Like I said, she thought of everything.

Listen to what she had to say during one of her summer trunk shows.

Here is a picture from the trunk show I attended, along with the adorable menu I was provided about each of the dresses and the story behind each.

Trunk Show 2 A Working Womans Wardrobe Mecca: The Mémé LAFLEUR Trunk Show

brochure A Working Womans Wardrobe Mecca: The Mémé LAFLEUR Trunk Show

The collection will be unveiled to the public in September. But if you are in the New York area, you have a few more trunk shows you can attend! In fact, you’ll find even more at the next one!

Thursday, June 14th, Mémé LAFLEUR will be hosting another fabulous trunk show at the Soho House complete with clothes, fun times and cool drinks. I’m also incredibly flattered to be collaborating with them along with handbag extraordinaire, Lo&Sons. Along with these amazing designer items, you will have the chance to purchase TheWorkingWardrobe.Print! As the magazine was previously only available for sale online, this is a special chance to flip through the pages in person! In fact, it will fit perfectly into one of the bags you may just happen to purchase during the trunk show…oh yes and that wrinkle-free dress will travel with it wonderfully as well, and perhaps a slip, and…okay I’ll stop.

To RSVP, email rachel@theworkingwardrobe by Friday, June 11th. Please email the following:

  1. Full name
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. Preference for 6-8PM or 8-10PM
  4. And whether or not you will be bringing a +1

YourCareerWillTravel A Working Womans Wardrobe Mecca: The Mémé LAFLEUR Trunk Show


Now this list is much more fun than the one at the beginning of the blog isn’t it? I look forward to seeing you next week!



Fashion was really her passion. You can see that in her collection.


Wow, is she an angel sent from heaven to help all of working women? Her collection sounds perfect that I can't believe anyone didn't jump on this a long time ago! I was I was in New York to attend one of the trunk shows. Can't wait to see the WW print, either! :)