Shop Rent The Runway Unlimited: Designer Fashion At Your Door

by Emma Klug | July 24th, 2014   

Every fashionista knows how difficult it can be to save up for the designer piece you’ve been eyeing or to say “no” to an unnecessary splurge. With endless inspiration and trends always changing, the fashion world is filled with constant temptation for those who fall victim to its charm. One week the envelope clutch you’ve been obsessing over is in every major fashion magazine and blog and a few short weeks later its bucket bags and miniature backpacks.

Aside from that, when you FINALLY do decide on a piece that’s worth the jaw dropping price tag, how are you supposed to find time to make it to the store to actually purchase it? Luckily, when the fashion roller coaster has gotten to be a bit much, there’s subscription services like Rent The Runway Unlimited to save the day.

static.squarespace Shop Rent The Runway Unlimited: Designer Fashion At Your Door

While the traditional Rent The Runway, which has been around since 2009, already does a great job at helping shoppers try out designer fashion at a much cheaper price, Rent The Runway Unlimited is geared towards those who seek the same service but with an even more convenient system.

Much like Netflix’s DVD rental subscription, Rent The Runway Unlimited allows you to sign up for a subscription service where you can rent up to three designer items for 30 days then swap out for new ones from your own hand picked queue. If you truly love the items and you’re not ready to part with them quite yet then that’s no problem! Based off of the Rent The Runway stock you can simply either rent them out longer or purchase them at a discounted price.

With designers ranging from Elizabeth & James, Balenciaga, Osar de la Renta and more, Rent The Runway Unlimited  allows you to choose from thousands of items and styles making it truly a fashion lovers dream come true.

These Lizzie Fortunato earrings, available for retail at $274, could be one of your rental items!

lizzie fortunato earrings Shop Rent The Runway Unlimited: Designer Fashion At Your Door

Aside from the obvious convenience of not having to physically go to a store or plan a budget to purchase something, Rent The Runway Unlimited lets you participate in the most fashionable trends at the moment they’re happening without feeling guilty about not liking them three weeks later.